Transformer overhauling is the process in which transformers health improvement is done by disassembling the whole transformer and repairing its key components if any damage or solution is needed. The main procedure includes in overhauling initiates as primary inspection, Removing of top cover, removing core from the transformer, heating the core with oven or electric heaters for moisture removal, changing gaskets of transformer, and finally with proper care and inspection assembling the whole transformer. The process takes time according to the size of transformer. 

As after the overhauling process, we also provide transformer testing service. There are many type of transformer test we arrange for our clients, to ensure that the working of transformer has improved after the above procedure. 

Circuit Breakers are the supporting life line of any industry or work of production. They should be always double checked and tested with regular time intervals. Breakers play an important role to properly handle any major issues when occur in electrical state.

We have our experts to deal with service and repairs of circuit breaker of any kind, any make or any  voltage whether its HT or LT, or of any type such as ACB, OCB, VCB, SF6 or any industrial circuit breaker.

We majorly deal in Annual Maintenance Service of circuit breakers to ensure our clients, a free state of mind regarding there electrical units. We are most reasonable, flexible and ease of doing business to maintain a fantastic customer relationships.

transformer and breaker repairs