We have an efficient Break-Down Value (BDV) testing kit always ready with our filtration machines to check the resistance of filtered and purified oil. Generally, our clients have 25-35 KVA reading before filtration process of transformers oil. And yes, we are always succeeded to to get value of >80 KVA after filtration process. That's all because of our high quality and efficient machines.

Many of the oil test required deep testing and are also time consuming for precise results, which cannot be undertaken on clients site. For that purpose too, we provide a deep analysis and testing service of transformer oil through sample taken after filtration. On that case, we also provide this testinb on certification of India's authorised association i.e. ERDA which is NABL approved.

This deep analysis and testing services include various test such as physical test, BDV test, acedic test, moisture test, etc. These are total 9 tests which purely certifies the purity of oil on base of international standards.

Without creating any complexities to our clients we are always pledged to remain present againts any working issue disturbing our clients regarding our services.

transformer oil testing